By W. F. Kirby

The beautiful colors and shapes of butterflies — and their wonderful spectrum of elaborate markings — are rendered with outstanding precision on sixty one full-color plates. Imaginations will take flight with butterflies and moths of each kinfolk, in addition to information of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged bugs' favourite flora.

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Cilix glaucata Fig. 2. Drepana binaria Fig. 3. Platypteryx falcataria Fig. 4, a–c. Cerura vinula Fig. 5. Cerura erminea Fig. 6. Cerura bifida Fig. 7, a, b. Cerura hybocampa milhauseri Fig. 8, a–c. Stauropus fagi Fig. 9. Ptilophoro plumigera A. Oak Quercus pedunculata B. Osier Salix viminalis C. Hornbeam Carpinus betulus Plate 29 NOTODONTIDAE Fig. 1. Phalera bucephala Fig. 2. Pterostoma palpina Fig. 3, a, b. Lophopteryx camelina Fig. 4. Odontosia carmelita Fig. 5. Microdonta bicolora Fig. 6. Leiocampa dictaea Fig.

17. Lozotaenia sorbiana Fig. 18, a, b. Tortrix viridana A. Water Lily Nymphaea B. Viper’s Bugloss Echium vulgare C. Dog Rose Rosa canina D. Clover Trifolium E. Nettle Urtica dioica F. Oak Quercus robur Plate 60 TORTRICES—TINEAE—PTEROPHORI Fig. 1. Penthina salicella Fig. 2, a, b. Retinia resinella Fig. 3. Antithesia pruniana Fig. 4. Grapholitha citrana Fig. 5, a, b. Carpocapsa pomonella Fig. 6. Tinea tapetzella Fig. 7. Euplocamus anthracinalis Fig. 8. Incurvaria muscalella Fig. 9. Nemophora swammerdammella Fig.

Polyommatus damon Fig. 6, a–c. Polyommatus corydon Fig. 7. Polyommatus bellargus Fig. 8, a–d. Polyommatus icarus Fig. 9. Polyommatus astrarche Fig. 10. Polyommatus argus Fig. 11. Polyommatus argiades Fig. 12. Lycaena hippothoe Lycaena dispar, variety rutilus Fig. 13, a, b. A. Coronilla varia B. Restharrow Ononis spinosa C. Whin Genista germanica Plate 14 LYCAENIDAE—HESPERIIDAE Fig. 1, a–c. Lycaena virgaureae Fig. 2, a, b. Lycaena phlaeas Fig. 3. Thecla rubi Fig. 4, a–c. Thecla pruni Fig. 5, a, b.

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