By Tamar Myers

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You silly thing, Buford, now just hush. ” “I can’t remember dates, Mozella. ” “Well, in that case I guess I should be kind and put you out of your misery. ” I started to correct her, then decided to just let it go. ” Buford exclaimed. “Come to think of it, your children will be calling to wish me the same, so why don’t you stop by and—” The right combination of brow lifts and eye rolls from me, and my sweet, strong husband got the message without me uttering a sound. He slipped behind Mama and picked her up by the elbows.

Again you lucked out, because he just happened to be vacationing down at Kiawah Island Resorts, and is on his way as I speak. ” “Greg, I wasn’t even trying to get the cuffs off. ” Tamar Myers I struggled to keep a straight face. I felt safe now that I was with my cunning, and apparently well-connected, husband. At the same time, however, it felt like the eye of a hurricane. So far, I’d only seen the weak side of the storm; the worst was yet to come. 3 erhaps it was thanks to Greg, but Cheng and I were processed quickly, and then thrown into a cell packed with prostitutes.

Washburn. You’re thought of highly in this community, but what’s more important, you have an impeccable record. ” He paused, but not long enough for me to comment. “You see, I’ve been working on this case for going on almost POISON IVORY five years. ” “Whoa, run that by me again, please. ” “Mrs. S. Customs Office to inspect but a tiny fraction of that cargo. ” “Yes, that too. And besides issues of public safety, of course we screen for drugs, for they pose a threat to society as well. Looking for contraband imports, such as ivory, is low on the list.

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