By Jeff Bell

When doubtful, make belief. For writer and information anchor Jeff Bell, those are phrases to reside via. actually. As somebody who has spent a lot of his lifestyles fighting critical obsessive compulsive illness (OCD), Bell has needed to conquer crippling uncertainty few humans can think. during this strong follow-up to his seriously acclaimed memoir, Rewind, Replay, Repeat, Bell expounds at the ideas of utilized trust that allowed him to make this kind of extraordinary restoration from this “doubting sickness” and the teachings he’s realized whereas touring the rustic conversing approximately doubt. With assistance from greater than a dozen best specialists, Bell deals readers sensible suggestions for pushing in the course of the ache of uncertainty — no matter if it stems from OCD or simply daily concerns — and demonstrates how a shift from judgements in line with worry and doubt to ones in line with objective and repair can remodel any life.

Featuring interviews with Sylvia Boorstein, Patty Duke, Dan Millman, Leon Panetta, Tom Sullivan, and others

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Others, however, are more visual in nature and take the form of vivid images or looping image sequences. Their focus might involve contamination, harm to others, hypermorality, or excessive concern about symmetry (just to name a few common issues), and their triggers can range from the mundane to the ridiculous. What all obsessions share are these key hallmarks: they are intrusive, involuntary, distracting, disturbing, irrational, and, most of all, distressing. Distress If describing the intrusive nature of obsessions is difficult, then conveying the distress they create is next to impossible.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder. 2. Belief and doubt. 3. Uncertainty. 4. Anxiety. I. Title. 85’27—dc22 2009027092 First printing, October 2009 ISBN 978-1-57731-670-1 Printed in Canada on 100% postconsumer-waste recycled paper 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 For all who dare to believe ... beyond the doubt Contents Foreword by Michael A. : Intellect-Based vs. Fear-Based Doubt 2 Octopuses Chewing Doubt-nuts: An Introduction to OCD 3 Trapdoors: False Exits When Stuck in Doubt PART TWO: MAKING BELIEF (TEN STEPS OUT WHEN STUCK IN DOUBT) 4 Reverence: First Principle of Making Belief 5 Resolve: Second Principle of Making Belief 6 Investment: Third Principle of Making Belief 7 Surrender: Fourth Principle of Making Belief PART THREE: CHOSSING GREATER GOOD 8 Better Than “Good”: The Greater Good Perspective Shift 9 Believers: Profiles of Belief in Action Afterword The Ten Steps Out When Stuck in Doubt Acknowledgments Notes Index About the Author Foreword I first ran across Jeff Bell when he gave the keynote talk at the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation annual meeting in Houston in 2007 and discussed his popular book Rewind, Replay, Repeat: A Memoir of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

I’m fairly certain my imaginary friend would feel pretty silly explaining to a cop that he’s afraid he won’t ever survive crossing the street, even with the light. Five for five. Hypothetical Fred, we can safely conclude, is a victim of fear-based doubt; he is indeed trapped within the Shadow of Doubt. Sorry, big guy. Back now to that little caveat I put on my screening questions and their ability to ferret out fear-based doubt. They work. They really do. I’ve employed them countless times to help others see the distortions of their unhealthy “what if” questions.

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