By Katie Crouch

Sarah Walters, the narrator of women IN vehicles, is a reluctant Camellia Society debutante. She has consistently felt ill-fitted to the rococo methods of Southern womanhood and relations, and is concerned to shake the bonds of her early life. nonetheless, she follows the conventional direction laid out for her. this can be Charleston, and during this attractive, darkish, segregated city, verified principles and manners suggest every thing.

But as Sarah grows older, she unearths that her Camellia classes fail her, really as she is going to school, strikes North, and navigates love and lifestyles in long island. There, Sarah and her workforce of displaced deb sisters attempt to outline themselves in the realities of contemporary lifestyles. Heartbreak, dependancy, disappointing jobs and demise fail to dwell as much as the hazy, chuffed destiny promised to them through their Camellia moms and sisters.

When a few unforeseen bumps within the road--an unplanned start, a relations death--lead Sarah again domestic, she's pressured to take one other lengthy examine the fading empire of her formative years. It takes an odd flip of occasions to ultimately floor Sarah adequate to make a few critical offerings. And basically then does she discover that up to she attempted to disclaim it, the place she comes from will continually impact the place she finally ends up. The motto of her girlhood cotillion society, "Once a Camellia, regularly a Camellia," may well prove to have extra knowledge and pull to it than she ever can have guessed.

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She also disapproves of the short dress I’ve borrowed from my roommate. So far I’ve spent most of the night in the buffet line with Annie, watching Bitsy do the Lindy. Although I am trying to behave well, I have not been able to look anyone in the eye tonight while greeting them. I have also eaten all the shrimp on my plate. Before the ball ends, Bitsy’s brother asks me to dance. I catch my mother’s eye, and she smiles, delighted. He’s drunk—so drunk that he calls me the wrong name. I say yes anyway.

I scratched. I bit, smelled chicken, tasted flesh. Someone yelped in pain, and they let me up, and I heard a clatter, saw a Sprite bottle roll across the floor. I stood up and smoothed my dress down. Bitsy’s brother’s hand was bleeding. I didn’t cry, but still, something was flooding in me. “You’re going to die, Ted Wheeler,” I said. A flash of fear crossed Ted Wheeler’s face, quick as a mullet. The other boys backed away. Bitsy’s brother ran. “That’s right,” I said. ” He stared at me for a moment before doubling over cruelly into a laugh.

But he said nothing to me, and when class ended, I smiled at Annie and made my way to the coat line. There, in the unsupervised vacuum that was the dark, dusty place behind the stairs, Ted Wheeler and three other boys grabbed me. They pulled me into an even darker corner and held me down as I fought. Bitsy and Annie were already outside, but other girls were watching—I remember shiny blue and yellow dresses scattering like crows in buckshot. Bitsy’s brother put his hand over my mouth. Ted Wheeler shoved his hand up my dress.

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Girls in Trucks   by Katie Crouch
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