By Naeim Giladi, Madison Grant

Painful truths in regards to the Zionist rape of Palestine and planned planting of anti-Semitism in Iraqi Jewish groups in the course of David Ben-Gurion's political occupation to cajole Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel. The Zionists' target used to be to import uncooked Jewish hard work from the center East to farm the newly-vacated lands and fill the army ranks with conscripts, to guard the stolen lands.

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The ship lacked vital supplies at the time, including water. The ship sank. Some said it was sunk by a German submarine and others claimed it sank because of a torpedo fired to error from a Soviet ship. But none of these claims was correct, and here is Shabtai Beit-Zvi's research on the matter: 1. There were extremist circles who said they saw a German torpedo ship firing a torpedo at the ship and sinking it, but in the 1960s it became clear that this was not a reasonable assumption because in that period there were no German war ships or submarines in the Black Sea.

November 19, 1941 – There was a detailed account by the head of the British diplomatic mission in Switzerland, by Alexander Vadus, the Polish diplomatic representative in Bern. The report said that up to that point a million and-a-half Jews were murdered. (Encounter, p. 21, op. ) 8. January 2, 1942 – The Jewish Chronicle (a Jewish Zionist paper that is kosher and reliable) reported about the murder of Jews in the city of Rostow. The same item was carried in most British papers the very same day.

The Biltmore Conference In early 1942 Ben-Gurion set to work organizing a Zionist conference in the United States. It can in fact be said that Ben-Gurion was among those who initiated the conference and worked to bring it about. In early May 1942 delegations from the Zionist Organizations in the world began to arrive in New York and on the 6th of that month the conference began at the Biltmore Hotel, headed by the leaders of the Zionist movement: Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, Dr. Nahum Goldman, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, Rabbi Stephen Wise and Israel Goldstein.

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Ben-Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad by Naeim Giladi, Madison Grant
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