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Banana costs in the ecu Union are nearly double international degrees. those costs are maintained through restrictive import quotas and price lists that generate rents that accrue to manufacturers and vendors. the ecu Union is obliged to take away its quantitative regulations and exchange them with price lists which are more likely to provide choice to current quota holders from ACP international locations. symptoms are rather small share of the rents are at the moment accruing to ACP manufacturers and the loss in hire will be greater than offset through the growth of ecu imports.

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This strong endorsement meant that post-revolutionary policies would henceforth remain within whatever limits these “winners” of the revolutionary movement chose to set down. It has been observed that, “many groups must join together to make a revolution, but only one emerges victorious” (Milani 1989: 5). In the case of the Iranian Revolution, it can be seen that a section of the ‘ulama and their allies benefited most from the emergence of a discourse of anti-Westernism in the post-1953 period.

While some Iranians believed strongly that the country would benefit from this agreement, others opposed the British government’s attempt to acquire overwhelming political as well as economic control over Iranian territory. In the end, domestic and international opposition to the move ensured Britain’s failure, but by helping Reza Khan come to power in a 1921 coup,14 the British hoped to retain some degree of influence. To the dismay of the British, however, Reza Shah tried to avoid becoming a puppet ruler (Avery 1965: 218), and instead he sought to exploit the nationalist trends that continued to increase in the country after 1919.

Instead, hope was placed in the idea that by combining Islam’s emphasis The desire for economic independence 27 on social justice with the Third World movement’s focus on economic nationalism, genuine freedom and independence might at last be attained. The emergence of a revolutionary discourse The nationalist sentiments that were aroused by the coup to remove Mosaddeq from his post of prime minister were so strong that they sparked off the development of a new discourse of economic independence in the lead-up to the 1979 Revolution.

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