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Of within recapturing of and ... incamating bifurcations into attractorsand these,in turn, into concretephysical systems,has beengiven the name of "stratification": the creation of the stable geological, chemical and organic strata that make up reality' (ibid). Chapter 1: Consuming the Future 17 ' (minoritarian bureaucracy desire. The machinic potentiality assemblages):a of compartmentalization and cellular partitioning of desiring-production erects a judgement of God by reterritorializing intensity to a categorization of life forms, stratified through the representationsof genus and species.

453). Capitalism is stratified. The strata are the social machinery that axiomatize desiring-production in the socius. Axiomatics are a socio-economic apparatusthat capture (reterritorialize) desire in the capitalist world-economy. Axiomatics function as a social machinery by implementing solutions quantitatively, as opposedto codes that have predefined solutions already built into the system. Axiomatics allow for a materialist account of application" by tracing the quantitative flows of the strata.

Chapter 1: Consuming the Future 39 bifurcating into heterogeneous,antisystemic movements of resistance,introduces a surveillance of desireby the strata. The possibility of desiring-productiontrickling out of the layers of stratification and rupturing the legislative and homogeneousplanes of capitalism, compels the strata to subjugate the periphery back into double-pincer control. A fortress of desire, the modulations that cast heterogeneity within an apparatusof capture, bring to the surfacethe intricate web the strata weave to sustain " desire.

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