By Sidney Coleman

This number of evaluate lectures on themes in theoretical excessive power physics has few opponents for readability of exposition and intensity of perception. introduced during the last 20 years on the foreign institution of Subnuclear Physics in Erice, Sicily, the lectures support to arrange and clarify fabric the time existed in a burdened nation, scattered within the literature. on the time they got they unfold new principles through the physics group and proved very hot as introductions to subject matters on the frontiers of analysis.

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18 / 4. SHIELDING AND OTHER PHYSICAL SAFEGUARDS 0 100 200 THICKNESS O F CONCRETE. c m Fig. 9. 3 g ern-=) for a 14-MeV neutron generator. This curve'is two times c w e c of Figure 5 (Appendix C) to account for gamma raye. Hence, the c w e doee not go through unity at zero thickness. (See Appendix C for details). 0025 rem h-I in this equation. (3) Determine from Figure 3 or 4, or from Table 5, the thickness of concrete or water required to give this transmission. Example: How thick must a shield be for a point 3 m from a D-T source producing 10" neutrons per second?

In the event operation is interrupted by an interlock opening, the operator shall determine what caused the interlock to open and that there is no one in the exposure room before he starts the generator again. It is necessary to be prepared for the possibility that the operator may mias seeing someone when he looks through the exposure room prior to startup. This shall be done by providing an automatic sequencing system in the startup controls that provides a clearly audible warning sound for a period just before radiation production begins.

17 rem in the average 12 / 3. FUNDAMENTALS OF RADIATION PROTECTION person who is non-occupationally exposed. 3). If exposure to more than one radio-nuclide occurs, if there is exposure to both internal and external radiation, or if the periods of exposure are different from those for which recommendations were made, the Hm and the MPC's must be altered. 0, MPC Hm +' where the summation is over all nuclides involved and the equation is applied separately to each critical organ in the body. 3 Radiation Surveys To make a radiation survey of a facility means to evaluate the factors for potential exposure to radiation at the facility.

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