By Vernon Cooray (auth.)

This booklet approximately lightning summarizes the essence of physics and results of lightning in a non-technical demeanour and gives an up to date description of the phenomenon of lightning in basic language. beginning with the myths on the topic of lightning, the reader is brought to the mechanism of lightning flashes and their interactions with people, human-made platforms and Earth’s atmosphere. lots of the to be had books on lightning are written for the specialists within the box and there's a want for a publication that introduces the undergraduate and starting publish graduate scholars to the topic of lightning and prepares them for extra complicated books intended for the specialists. This introductory booklet, that's in response to a chain of lectures given to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars in electric engineering, is meant to fill this desire. adapted to the desires of college scholars who plan to check electric engineering, meteorology, environmental or easy physics, it's also a precious reference source for laymen who're drawn to figuring out extra in this phenomenon.

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For the same reason the electric field inside a perfect conductor is also zero. That is, the potential at any point of the conductor is the same. This also explains why the electric charge of a charged conductor resides on the surface of the conductor. These facts can be used together with Gauss’s law to show that the electric field inside the cavity of a perfect conductor is zero irrespective of the amount of charge that resides on the surface. This is the origin of the Faraday cage principle of lightning protection.

02-m-thick, 10-m-long grounded conductor immersed in a background electric field of 2 Â 105 V/m. In the diagram, d is the distance from the tip of the conductor up to which the streamers generated from the tip of the conductor extend. 0 0 2 4 6 Distance, m 8 10 18 2 Basic Physics of Electrical Discharges Fig. 6, and the distance up to which the streamers extend is marked d. If the background potential is known, then one can investigate how far the streamers will travel from the conductor using this procedure.

Experimental data show that positive leaders travel more or less continuously. On the other hand, experimental data additionally show that negative leaders do not travel continuously but in steps. The reason for this is explained in a section to follow. 9 Potential of Leader Channel The leader channel maintains a certain potential gradient along its channel, and for this reason the potential at the head of the leader is different from the potential at the point of initiation of the leader. Moreover, the potential gradient along the leader channel is not constant.

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