By Guruji Naushir

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, this means that immortal. Amrit - the e-book on your hand is a piece of deep love and knowledge from the immortal sage Mahavtar Babaji as communicated to Guruji Naushir. it's a consultant for functional spirituality choked with incisive insights and spiced with love and humour. It touches all elements of existence and enumerates on scorching to be on the earth, yet no longer OF this international; making our trip in the world balanced, stress-free and elevating.

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Carefully and consciously interpret the signals you are receiving, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT TO YOUR IMMEDIATE LIKING. If you succeed in this step, you cannot go wrong. Now how would one know if you have caught the universal signals and interpreted them correctly? We fall back on another old saying. If the doors to change open with a mild push or shove, you have read the Universe correctly and can PROCEED WITHOUT FEAR. But if at every step you are encountering resistance and have to break open the door, you are going down the wrong road and in all probability have ignored or misinterpreted the cosmic road signs.

So it’s not that other souls are less endowed than you are, but in this lifetime they have chosen to restrict their natural abilities in accordance with their life’s blueprint or destiny. As far as wealth is concerned, naked you come and naked will you go, and between the two states of nakedness everything is ephemeral and transitory. Wealth can vanish in a flash. Bottom line: Have an ego that allows your individuality to prevail and your self esteem to be maintained at all costs. But if that ego makes you tyrannical, beware you are marked for humiliation.

This beautiful photograph was allowed with the strict condition that it can be shown but not distributed. On returning from Badrinath, Guruji introduced new programmes that encouraged people to do more meditation along with certain Kriyas given by Babaji. Guruji had now stopped teaching Reiki and handed over that responsibility to a few teachers under him. Then two years later, around January 2012, Guruji kept receiving communication from Babaji saying that he must take further training under a new Guru.

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Amrit Wisdom of Mahavtar Babaji in the words of Guruji by Guruji Naushir
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