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After all, the Revolution of 1911 that led to the overthrow of the Qing dynasty began in Hankou, and with the Northern Expedition, Wuhan would again become the locus of social change in China. In the summer of 1926, rumors of a military action forming in the south began filtering north and as the days progressed, the rumors turned into reality. The newspapers carried stories about a young military figure—Chiang Kaishek—a protégé of Sun Yat-sen, who had marshaled together troops in a bold plan to continue Sun’s vision of a “reunited” China by wresting political control from the northern warlords.

22 Well aware of the burdens accompanying the position, Dexing warned Yuanshuang of her future responsibilities, “If your husband is unhealthy and cannot work, he will always be dependent upon his family. Even though he is the eldest son, if he is unable to work, then the family will have less regard for you. And he comes from such a large family! Eventually, you will be the matriarch and will be obligated to serve your in-laws. ” Once Yuanshuang’s engagement was officially announced, in addition to her formal education in the Chinese classics, her training to be a dutiful official’s wife began in earnest as well.

Breaking Yuanshuang of her tendency to be lazy and to avoid any schooling, Tai would reward Yuanshuang if she read the characters correctly and would punish her when she did not. I was only nine years old when Tai began training me, but I was very lazy, you know. I was not a diligent student with the tutors, but I was with Tai, my stepgrandmother. While pointing to the individual characters, Tai would read, “Hankou Xiangwen Bao” [Hankou Daily]. Then she would ask me to find characters on the page, “Which is Han?

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