By Will Fellows

From huge towns to rural groups, homosexual males have lengthy been impassioned pioneers as keepers of tradition: rescuing and restoring decrepit structures, revitalizing blighted neighborhoods. Will Fellows explores this real and complicated size of homosexual men's lives via profiling early and modern preservationists from in the course of the usa, highlighting contributions to the bigger tradition.

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This narrative combines excerpts from those two works, describing Doty’s and Roberts’s immersion in New England old-house rehabilitation and auction-going in the 1980s. 16 I HAVE AN OLD SILVERPLATE PITCHER, a sturdy and serviceable thing made for use in a hotel, or a boardinghouse, or on a train. Simple, shapely. It sits now in the center of a painted blue round table, beside a white tureen holding a small shell-pink begonia from the A&P, the flowers clenched, a little reluctant to open indoors, in March, in New England.

Some of those who attended musical and theatrical performances at the restored opera house ended up buying houses in the town and restoring them. The rejuvenation In Search of Gay Preservationists 21 of Georgetown, Colorado, was prompted by a group of men who acquired several buildings in the business district and restored them as restaurants and shops, gave tours of the town, brought in artists, showed movies, and promoted the restoration of the town’s fine Victorian houses. In the 1950s the activities of the recently founded National Trust for Historic Preservation began to encroach on the National Park Service’s preservation turf.

The Antiquers presents biographical sketches of pioneering American antiquarians in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Of the nearly forty individuals profiled in the book, almost all were male, many of them fastidious dressers and artistic homemakers who never married, some sharing homes with their mothers for as long as their mothers lived. ”16 In their love and pursuit of old-fashioned things, many of them were no doubt members of what gay historian John Loughery calls “a silent brotherhood .

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