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So. •Ibid. , pp. 80-81. 81. 48 CAUTIOUS USE OF FORM ClUTICISM sets forth a method of determining whether the sayings atbibuted to Jesus in the Synoptic tradition were spoken by Jesus himself or originated in the early church. Beliefs certainly held by the early church are to be isolated. "Then, if we find these freely placed in his mouth by the Synoptists, we must agree that the tradition is largely of apostolic creation. "80 The narratives as well as sayings go back not to the early church but to the earthly Jesus, in the view of Easton.

Ill Early Scholarly Evaluation and Use of Form Criticism New Testament scholars differed widely in their reaction to form criticism. Some scholars continued to emphasize source criticism, accepting Mark as history, and virtually ignored form criticism. Others defended the basic historicity of Mark and the other sources of the Synoptic Gospels but were increasingly affected by form criticism. Others accepted more completely the principles of form criticism, but those who accepted the principles differed in their application of the method.

Miracles occur among the apophthegms, but there the miracle is subordinated to the point of the apophthegm. Bultmann compares the Synoptic miracle stories with the miracle stories of Jewish and Hellenistic origin and discovers that the Gospel stories have exactly the same style as tl~e HelJenistic miracle stories. The condition of the sick person 1S described, the healing is recounted, then the consequences of the miracle arc unfolded. l_ is probable for s~~tal miracle stories. "Judging Mk. 4:35-41 (Stilling of the Stonn) by its content, a Palestinian origin seems probable if the Jewish parallels are taken into consideration.

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