By Foxfire Fund Inc.

The Foxfire Americana Library takes you again to the great ol' days with a suite of easy, vintage toys that may be made at domestic. whole with illustrated step by step directions, "Blowguns and Bouncing Pigs" contains recommendation on the way to make:

Ball and Cups
Bouncing Pigs
Bows and Arrows
Bubble Blowers
Bull Grinders
Buttons on a String
Climbing Bears
Corn Guns
Cornstalk Animals
Cornstalk Fiddle
Apple-head Dolls
Cucumber Dolls
Fly Guns
Jumping Jacks
Kicking Mules
Pop Guns
Rolling Clowns
Sling Shots
Smoke Grinders
Squirt Guns
Stick Horses
Grapevine Swings
Rope Swings
Tops or Dancers
Whimmy Diddles or Jeep Sticks
Hollow Whistles
Split Whistles
Whittled Animals

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