By Human Rights Watch

This 108-page record describes intimately the killings, sexual attacks, and different abuses at an competition rally in a stadium in Conakry, the capital, dedicated principally by means of contributors of Guinea's elite Presidential safeguard, and the proof suggesting that the assaults should have been deliberate upfront. The document extra information how the army government's safeguard forces engaged in an prepared cover-up, elimination ratings of our bodies from either the stadium and medical institution morgues and burying them in mass graves.

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Tiégboro was there able to see what was happening, but he didn’t stop him. 76 As the group of Presidential Guard soldiers accompanying Toumba moved toward the opposition leaders, they and other members of the Presidential Guard who remained on the field continued to fire indiscriminately at crowds of opposition supporters who were trapped in the stands. ” The soldiers came up the stands—I saw three red berets right in front of me. I was in between my two friends and the red berets opened fire and hit my friends next to me.

When I hit the ground, I lost my breath and couldn’t move. There were soldiers not far from me, and they were firing [at us]. One of the bullets went 56 Human Rights Watch interview (name withheld), Conakry, October 17, 2009. Bloody Monday 34 through my pant leg. I could feel it, but it didn’t enter my skin. There were so many people around, and I was breathing with great difficulty because of the fall. A red beret came up to me and gave me a kick to the head. He took my money, my cell phone, everything.

They pointed their guns at me, saying they were going to kill me, and beat me with their rifles. The beat me in my sex after they had finished. As this was happening, I saw a girl about five meters from where I was being raped. After they got off of her, one of them shot her in the abdomen as she was lying there. They shot her with one of their long guns. I saw the blood running down her body.... 95 A 41-year-old civil servant who was severely beaten by a group of Presidential Guard soldiers, and raped by one, described the rape and murder of a young woman who was shot through her vagina: I struggled to get to the field, shoving and pushing with the mass of people, but once there I was kicked to the ground by five red berets.

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