By Michael Parenti

Blackshirts & Reds explores a few of the sizeable problems with our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy, and ecology—terms usually bandied approximately yet seldom explored within the unique and intriguing method that has develop into Michael Parenti’s trademark.

Parenti indicates how “rational fascism” renders provider to capitalism, how company energy undermines democracy, and the way revolutions are a mass empowerment opposed to the forces of exploitative privilege. He additionally maps out the exterior and inner forces that destroyed communism, and the disastrous impression of the “free-market” victory on jap Europe and the previous Soviet Union. He affirms the relevance of taboo ideologies like Marxism, demonstrating the significance of sophistication research in realizing political realities and working with the continued collision among ecology and worldwide corporatism.

Written with lucid and compelling variety, this ebook is going past truncated modes of proposal, inviting us to entertain iconoclastic perspectives, and to invite why issues are as they're. it's a daring and exciting exploration of the epic struggles of the day prior to this and today.

Michael Parenti is among the nation’s top innovative thinkers. He lectures commonly round the kingdom and is the writer of soiled Truths, opposed to Empire, Democracy for the Few, Land of Idols: Political Mythology in the United States, and plenty of different books. He lives in Berkeley, California.

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Global counterrevolutionary policy. The communists were depicted as evil incarnate, demonized conspirators who sought power for power's sake. The United States had to be everywhere to counteract this spreading "cancer," we were told. S. leaders waged a merciless war against revolutionaries in Indochina for the better part of twenty years. They dropped many times more tons of explosives on Vietnam than were used throughout World War II by all combatants com­ bined. S. forces and their South Vietnam collaborators carried out the selective assassination of 24,000 Vietnamese dissidents, in what was known as the Phoenix Program.

When it comes to Red-bashing, some of the best and brightest on the Left sound not much better than the worst on the Right. S. media commentators have repeatedly quoted Lenin in that misleading manner. In fact, his statement was disap­ proving of terrorism. He polemicized against isolated terrorist acts which do nothing but create terror among the populace, invite repression, and isolate the revolutionary movement from the masses. Far from being the totalitarian, tight-circled conspirator, Lenin urged the building of broad coalitions and mass organizations, encompassing people who were at different levels of political devel­ opment.

Ramachandran ( Monthly Review, 5195) . All this is not to deny that many people in Kerala endure unacceptable conditions of poverty. Still, despite a low level of income and limited resources, the achieve­ ments wrought by democratic government intervention - and pro­ pelled by mass action - have been substantial, representing the difference between a modestly supportable existence and utter misery. Many Third World peoples produce dedicated and capable pop­ ular organizations, as did the communists in Kerala, but they are LET U S N O W P R A I S E REVO LUTI O N 31 us ually destroyed by repressive state forces.

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