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The editors of artistic Publishing, overseas, now carry you the e-book speedy learn: operating New twine. This speedy learn, excerpted from the best-selling The Black & Decker entire consultant to Wiring, fifth variation, contains step by step illustrated how-to info for fitting NM cable, conduit and surface-mounted wiring. if you want the remainder of the tale, search for The Black & Decker entire consultant to Wiring, fifth version.

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If the plate is not located over a wall stud, use wall anchors (see below right). Use a stud finder to locate and mark all of the wall framing members between the old receptacle and the new one. There is usually a 1-1/2"-wide stud every 16" behind the wall. Wall Anchors Here’s how to install wall anchors. Mark screw locations on the wall and then drill a narrow guide hole for the screw anchor. Drive the anchor into the guide holes until the flange is flush with the wall surface. Ideally, anything you attach to a drywall wall should be anchored at a wall stud location.

Grip the cable tightly with one hand, and pull the cable ripper toward the end of the cable to cut open the plastic sheathing. Peel back the plastic sheathing and the paper wrapping from the individual wires. Cut away the excess plastic sheathing and paper wrapping, using the cutting jaws of a combination tool. Cut individual wires as needed using the cutting jaws of the combination tool. Leave a minimum of 6" of wire running past the edge of the box. Strip insulation for each wire, using the stripper openings.

If you have a room with too much demand on a single receptacle (inset), installing a surface-mounted circuit with one or more new outlets is a good solution. A surface-mounted receptacle box is mounted directly to the original electrical box (usually for a receptacle) and raceway tracks are attached to it. The tracks house THNN wires that run from the new box to new receptacles and light switches. Parts of a Surface-mounted System Surface-mounted wiring systems employ two-part tracks that are mounted directly to the wall surface to house cable.

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