By Yorikiyo Nagashima

A different and accomplished presentation on smooth particle physics which shops the heritage wisdom at the tremendous open questions past the normal version, because the lifestyles of the Higgs-boson, or the character of darkish subject and darkish power.

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It means that parameters of the MSSM to reproduce the observed value are near the boundaries of allowed regions. The stop mass, in particular, takes a large value (≳ a few tetraelectron volts) in the conventional scenario of the MSSM [36]. 9 Mass of the MSSM Higgs bosons as functions of mA for two values of tan ???? = 3, 30 with maximal mixing scenario with the stop (̃t) mass m̃t = 2 TeV and all other SUSY parameters set to 1 TeV. ) 10) There are two ‘‘stop’’ mass eigenstates ̃t1 , ̃t2 that are obtained by the mixing of ̃tL , ̃tR , which are super partners of the top (tL , tR ).

In QCD, chiral symmetry breaking is induced by the condensate of the quark–antiquark pair. It is quite logical to think that the Higgs may also be a composite. 11) Representative models are the technicolor (TC) model and, more recently, the little Higgs model. 11) One does not necessarily introduce new particles or new interactions. For instance, the top condensate model considers the Higgs as a bound state of top and anti-top quarks [46–48]. 6 Is the Higgs Elementary? 1 Technicolor Model A representative theory of the strong dynamical symmetry breaking is the TC model [49–52].

3 Mass condition of the Higgs as mh < Λ, which leads to mh ≲ 800 GeV. 4 shows how the upper limit of the Higgs mass changes as a function of the cutoff Λ. The allowed range of the Higgs mass depends on where we set the cutoff Λ. If we assume no new physics until the GUT energy (∼ 1016 GeV), we have a severe constraint 140 ≲ mh ≲ 200 GeV. The mass of the discovered Higgs is less than the lower limit but at the fringe of the limit. Till date, we argued assuming that a new physics will appear at large ????.

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