By Manuel Puig

Finally again in print, Manuel Puig's celebrated first novel is a startling anatomy of a small city in thrall to its personal petty lusts, betrayals, scandals, thefts, and gossip--but such a lot of all, to the flicks. Centering round a boy named Toto, aware of the town's secrets and techniques and constantly wanting to fill within the gruesome or frightening moments of his adolescence with Hollywood-inspired myth, Betrayed by way of Rita Hayworth is a symphony of dissatisfied, comedian, sour, and bawdy voices, all hemmed in via life's refusal to act just like the silver display, and is likely to be the funniest and so much sincere coming-of-age tale of its time.

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Classy that store was, — How long since you were there — And your mother? — But he doesn't the movies, does he? last? like you He could at least take to the movies once in a while. — Sleeping you ought to know betmaybe that's what makes him so nervous, why do you spoil him so much? don't read him the newspaper! he should stop bothering you with his ter. You went pills! Staying up late money-grubbing. 38 to college, reading the newspaper, — But on the street nobody's ever seen me in rags, of course And here there aren't any interesting people to talk to.

Mid-afternoon. The the workshop make a legs talk to. practically girls hot milk, and when I could in I'd join them, the girls mate with drink it as soon as it's ready because they can quit sewing when they want, but if I was in front with customers I had to be patient. At the beginning I'd tell my problems to the girls in the workshop, but afterwards no. Around six your legs start collapsing ing and the day drags, that cup in my from stand- hand, sitting on a stool in the shop. Sewing always bothers your back, but then too the girls only had stools and nothing to lean back on, I who had a house you think the owner couldn't afford real chairs?

Toto, 1942 Without a model I can't draw, without a model Mom can draw, with a model I can draw better than her. What can I draw until three o'clock? Naptime is the biggest bore and if a plane flies over Dad wakes up, the shouting starts and it's Mom's chance to get up. This time tomorrow getting dressed, the Gonzalez girl's birthday, the popeyed Gonzalez girl. Tiny-eyed, and still tiniereyed from sleep, Alicita's father doesn't get undressed to take his girl, no making so much money playing store at Alicita's, and everybody in line!

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