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On February 9, 1942, there was a report from Kuibishev sent by the author Ehrenburg, describing an atrocity in which children, old men and women were murdered and young Jewish women were raped in Venisa, Friloki and the Odessa area. On February 11, 1942, there was a report about the electrification of the Warsaw ghetto walls, as well as Lublin and other ghettos. On February 19, 1942, a report about Austrian Jews being barred from buying coffee, cocoa and fruit. On February 24, 1942, a story about deaths in Warsaw, mentioning the names of 6 Jewish women and two men who attempted to leave the ghetto without permission and were executed.

Moroccan Jews have other arguments as well: 1 When Egoz departed there was a large rubber boat which was automatically loaded with a gas tank it carried; the boat was permanently attached to the back of Egoz. Why did that boat disappear during the sailing? Also, 2. Why were only 22 bodies found? Especially when it was said that all passengers had life jackets? 3. Why was the radio man Chaim Sarfati, who was an excellent swimmer and an outstanding athlete unable to save his own life? A commission was formed to look into the circumstances of the sinking of the Egoz.

This hope did indeed materialize, but the small proportion which survived did so entirely no thanks to the institutions and the Yishuv in that in the critical years they rendered direct assistance to the propaganda and deception machinery of Goebbels. " Unfortunately, I found no confirmation of that statement. The truth is that for more than three years-through November 1942-Davar as well as other newspapers campaigned vehemently and systematically against "exaggerations" about the killing of Jews which reached Palestine from various sources.

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