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Data plots of s versus t on logarithmic graph paper for aquifer tests affected by release of water from storage in the confining beds are matched to the family of type curves illustrated in sketch 4 . For convenience, these curves are referred to as Hantush type . Four match-point coordinates are selected and substituted into the following equations to determine values of T and S : T- S= QH(u,a) 47rs 4Ttu rz Data plots of s versus t on logarithmic graph paper for aquifer tests affected by leakage of water across confining iiu (5) In planning and conducting aquifer tests, hydrologists must give careful consideration to the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer and to the type of boundary conditions (either recharge or impermeable) that are likely to exist in the vicinity of the test site .

And u=(r 2S)1(4Tt) . The form of the Theis equation is such that it cannot be solved directly . To overcome this problem, Theis devised a convenient graphic method of solution that involves the use of a type curve (1) . To apply this method, a data plot of drawdown versus time (or drawdown versus t/rz) is matched to the type curve of W(u) versus 1/u (2) . At some convenient point on the overlapping part of the sheets containing the data plot and type curve, values of s, t (or t/rz), W(u), and 1/u are noted (2) .

It is assumed in these wells on the opposite boundaries . Because each new image sketches that other boundaries are so remote that they have a well added to the array affects the opposite boundary, it is negligible effect on the areas depicted . At many places, necessary to continue adding image wells until their distances however, pumping wells are affected by two or more boundfrom the boundaries are so great that their effect becomes aries . One example is an alluvial aquifer composed of sand negligible .

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