By Ricardo Estrada

This paintings offers a simplified method of asymptotic innovations for fixing difficulties of arithmetic, physics and engineering. It additionally discusses the interaction among the underlying theories of asymptotic research and generalized services.

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The theorem requires that a ':/:- 0, 1. The case a = 1 is a boundary sitUBr tion and might be somewhat complicated. For a = 0 we have the following result: If ~gl = 0 (~) as t then -+ 00 J: g(t)dt '" x g(x), as x -+ 00. 1:1: t g'(t)dt The proof is the same as before, after observing the case 0(1:1: get)), as x -+ 00. :!... '" x Ja lnt lnx' as x -+ 00. The basic idea behind Theorem 13 is to find an appropriate function h such that get) '" h'(t) as t -+ 00. Indeed, the function h is given by h(t) = Itg (t) .

After these preliminaries we give the Euler-Maclaurin summation formula. Theorem 15. Let f be k times continuously differentiable in [N, MJ, where Nand M are integers. Then L M n=N+1 1 M fen) = k f(x)dx + "L,( -l)j ~: (jU-1}(M) - fU-1)(N» N j=1 J. 13) Proof. Suppose first that integration yields f is defined in [0,1]. ~X) fU-1}(x») 1~+(_l)k J= and thus f(l) = 1 1 o f(x)dx J. k + "L,(-l)j~: (jU-1}(1) j=1 +(_1)k-1 J. 11 B:~X) [1 io Bk~X) f Ck }(x)dx k. f U- 1}(0» f Ck }(x)dx. Replacing f(x) by fen - 1 + x) yields fen) = 1 1 k fen - 1 + x)dx + "L,( -l)j ~: (jU-1}(n) - fU-1}(n - 1» o j=1 J.

In this section we study the process of regularization, 54 Asymptotic Analysis: A Distributional Approach that is, the process of associating a distribution to a non-locally integrable function. We have already seen some examples. v. (~) is a regularization of~. iO are also regularizations of ~. Suppose, to fix the ideas, that the function f(x) is locally integrable in U\{xo}, where Xo E U. 1) for each ¢> E V(U) for which the integral exists, in the Lebesgue sense. 1) exists for any ¢> E V'(U) such that Xo rt supp ¢>, but might exist for some ¢> E V(U) with Xo E supp ¢>.

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