By John T. Fitzgerald, Fika J. van Rensburg, Herrie F. van Rooy

Animosity in its quite a few types, together with enmity, battle, murder, family violence, spiritual hostility, and retaliation, is a perennial challenge that has plagued each type of interpersonal and overseas courting because the sunrise of human life. The essays during this quantity, supplying views from 3 continents, research how animosity is known and provided within the biblical textual content and its historic and literary contexts. The authors realize even as that the Bible itself and the way it's been used have occasionally contributed to the matter of animosity and therefore search to glean any insights that will tackle this challenge within the modern international, which at the present time is a urgent international drawback. The participants are Henk Bakker, Paul B. Decock, John T. Fitzgerald, J. J. Fritz Kr??ger, Outi Lepp?¤, Dirk G. van der Merwe, Marius Nel, Eric Peels, Jeremy Punt, Fika J. van Rensburg, Rainer G. H. Reuter, Herrie F. van Rooy, Eben Scheffler, and Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman.

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1 and 7). Genesis 4 shows a clear internal coherence via the mention of community, pregnancy, and birth in verses 1, 17, and 25, the reprise of verse 15 in verse 24, and the inclusio of the invocation of the name of Yahweh in verses 1 and 26. At the same time, the pericope of verses 1–16 makes one neat unit with its own plot, starting with the mention of Cain’s rise “with Yahweh” (v. 1) and ending with his downfall “out of Yahweh’s presence” (v. 16). The text itself consists of an alternation of narrative and dialogue: 1–5, introduction; 6–7, first dialogue; 8, outrage; 9–15a, second dialogue; 15b–16, closing.

Frank A. Spina, “The ‘Ground’ for Cain’s Rejection (Gen 4): ’adāmāh in the Context of Gen 1–11,” ZAW 104 (1992): 317–32, who both study this motif extensively. 38. On this issue, see Peels, Vengeance of God, 68 n. 81; Wenham, Genesis 1–15, 108. 39. See Klaus Koch, “Nw(,” ThWAT 5:1165 and also the discussion in commentaries. 40. , Gowan, From Eden to Babel, 51; Mathews, Genesis 1–11, 276; Hamilton, The Book of Genesis, 233; Westermann, Genesis 1–11, 420. Peels: The World’s First Murder 29 13 does not contain a trace of remorse but of self-pity and resentment.

42. V. ]); see also Gerhard Liedke, Gestalt und Bezeichnung alttestamentlicher Rechtssätze: Eine formgeschichtlich-terminologische Studie (WMANT 39; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener, 1971), 124 and 143. The apodosis gives the juridical result that would take place if the boundaries mentioned in the participial protasis are not heeded. The juridical character of v. 15a is confirmed by the seal with an official sign (and recognizable as such). In this way v. 15 forms a fitting conclusion to the whole section of vv.

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Animosity, the Bible, and Us: Some European, North American, by John T. Fitzgerald, Fika J. van Rensburg, Herrie F. van Rooy
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