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These companies have no interest in improving the lot of Chinese workers. Building plants in China is only an investment, and the products, made by underpaid workers, will be exported to and sold within the United States. Even television documentaries showing the wretched working conditions of workers are unlikely to end this profitable business. The new, but almost uniformly conservative international economists offer historians a rationale for the cultural differences that held up domestic development in favor of furthering foreign relations often based on suspicion.

In 1995, the Smithsonian Institution sought to revive the issue of their use, assigning part of the blame for the war with Japan on "American imperialism. "This revision of history so enraged veterans' groups and other survivors of the war, that the Smithsonian Institution backtracked and left history intact. The presence of the United States in the Philippines until 1947, when this island nation was granted its independence, was to place the United States in the way of Japanese expansion during the 1930s.

In fact, Nicaragua is probably bankrupt. When the Sandinistas ousted Somoza, they never anticipated financing a war against the retread Somozans and American mercenaries who also happened to get financial help from Iran indirectly via Washington. Oliver North was involved in an unsuccessful and probably illegal effort to get the hostages in Lebanon released. The terrorists were in Beirut, and their operations were financed by Iran. He has never told the entire story of the Iran-Contra affair. One of George Bush's last acts upon leaving office was to pardon all those involved in this scandal.

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An Abridged History of the United States by WILLIAM M. BRINTON
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