By Carmella Van Vleet

Exploring every thing from his groundbreaking clinical discoveries and his many helpful innovations to his profitable profession as a author and printer, this interactive consultant finds the lifestyles and occasions of 1 of the main well-known Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. enjoyable actions and compelling biographical details provide younger readers a different portrait of 1 of America’s such a lot respected and unique statesmen. targeted step by step directions for greater than dozen hands-on tasks mix with interesting evidence and minutiae to offer children a accomplished examine the fellow who not just gave us the lightning rod, bifocals, and the publish place of work, yet was once additionally instrumental in securing America’s independence from England. Encompassing Franklin’s lifestyles from adolescence to death—and detailing his relationships with historic figures comparable to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson—this guide presents an insightful inspect colonial the US, whereas instructing childrens the way to create their very own thermometer, letterpress, or Liberty Bell.

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Pretend the United States is going to create a new denomination of money. Write a letter explaining why you feel your favorite historical person should be featured on the bill or coin. S. ) It’s hard to believe that a master printer and genius like Ben Franklin would misspell the name of his own state, if it weren’t intentional. The contracts to print paper currency made Ben a good deal of money. Even after he became wealthy, Ben had strong beliefs about money. He believed in spending money wisely and being practical.

3 6 When the glue is dry, attach the screen to the back of the wooden Carefully turn the mold over and let your money dry completely. When frame using the staple gun. Make sure it’s ready, you can decorate the bill. you pull the screen tight and be sure Maybe you can draw your own portrait your watermark design is facing inside on it or special microprinting around the the frame. You now have a paper money edges. Have some fun designing it! mold! 4 Follow the directions in the previous chapter to make paper pulp.

James and Ben didn’t get along well. James was often cruel to Ben, even hitting him on occasion. But Ben did his best to learn the printing 36 Ben did not enjoy working for his older brother James. They did not get along. C h a pter Fi v e : Printing Press business. James published a newspaper called the NewWhen Ben was little, he wanted England Courant. In it, to be a sailor like his oldest James often criticized things about society he didn’t like, brother, Josiah Jr. especially the governor of the colony.

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