By Allan D. Cooper

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We chiefs have the power to make life agreeable for everybody. This, however, is totally different from the Germans. This is why I do not want you to give these people further rights in our territory. This would amount to giving them more power and influence. And this I definitely do not want to happen. I also do not wish to see this happen in the areas between your territory and mine. I speak not only of my territory. I really do not want you to give any further land to these people. I want to stop this and wish to let you know that I cannot agree with it.

133. In northern Namibia the Ambo societies already had an impressive surplus production of corn during the 1880s. The corn of an average year not only exceeded what was necessary for local consumption, but even allowed the use of corn for feeding horses and cattle. Local breweries were able to produce alcoholic beverages on the basis of the surplus corn. In good years, part of the corn surplus even had to be left on the fields. 2oo. 36 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Colonialist-Capitalist Relations in Namibia Thus the title of a book by Wolfe W.

39 The establishment of educational opportunities and other cultural institutions for domestication of the colonised majority still depended solely upon the activities of the missions. Opportunities for careers within the colonial administration or the structures of the settler community virtually did not exist. The establishment of the infrastructure was oriented only towards the advantage of the immigrating whites and was not designated for the benefit of African inhabitants. 40 The limitations of this system became obvious with the increasing settlement of Europeans.

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