By Naomi Pasachoff

Examines the character in addition to the concept tactics which led this inventor to his discoveries that have helped our figuring out of the flora and fauna.

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The vocal cords vibrate when the lungs push air over the now-tightened cords. It is these vibrations that produce the voice's sound. Speaking or singing involves continual changes in the amount of tension in the vocal cords and in the speed of the air forced from the lungs, as well as in the shape of the person's mouth. These changes affect the pitch and loudness of the speaker's or singer's voice. In the process of hearing, sound waves pass through a canal in the outer ear and hit the eardrum, which begins to vibrate.

Bell, listening at the Paris end, was thrilled when he recognized one of the performers as his father, who was supposed to have been out of town that day and thus unavailable to participate in the test. In October 1876 Bell and Watson participated in the first two-way long-distance call, between Boston and nearby Cambridge, about three miles away. According to Watson, he and Bell celebrated their success that night by performing a Mohawk war dance. " As they proceeded to test the telephone over longer distances, however, not all the results were encouraging.

All of a sudden Bell realized that that instrument held the solution to the problem of how to make a current of electricity vary in density as the air does during sound production. As he recalled some years later: I do not think that the membrane of this ear could have been half an inch in diameter and it appeared to be as thin as tissue paper. I was much struck by the disproportion in weight between the membrane and the bones that were moved by it; and it occurred to me that if such a thin and delicate membrane could move bones that were, relatively to it, very massive indeed, why should not a larger and stouter membrane be able to move a piece of steel in the manner I desired?

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