By Kelvin Bueckert

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Through turns funny and hot, stark and scary, Bluebeard'S Egg glows with youth stories, the truth of oldsters ageing, and the informal cruelty women and men inflict on one another. here's the widely used outer global of kinfolk summers at distant lakes, winters of political activism, and seasons of unique associates, mundane lives, and unforeseen loves.

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They both do and say stupid things; usually it is best just to ignore them. Most of what they say is lies anyway. ” Charles bent, and then straightened. A large shotgun rested in his hands. His eyelids crinkled as he smiled. Jason stared at the gun. ” He said, pointing at the instrument of death. m. Why hadn't she told Jason? The question distracted Candace from the pleasant voice in her ear. She forced herself to pay attention. ” Rebecca paused. “I don’t know what else to say. other times there seems to be something dangerous about him.

I've been trying to catch you. I was resting on the concrete bench by the post office. but I dozed off. I woke up and saw you walking away with some old woman. ” Then I had to wait for a train! ” Jason laughed as relief flooded his face. “Well, I also ran into some trouble. but that's another story. ” Candace stared up at her husband. Her eyes were twin pools of puzzlement. ” Jason gestured toward the building behind him. “You were at the police station. ” “It wasn’t that serious, at least for me.

His facial expression turned thoughtful. Come to think of it. What was it? Ah, stupid me! It’s hard to think with an overtired head. Oh yeah, the police think that Albert was dead before you hit him. bein’ a nurse and all. ” Candace glimpsed a colorful travel poster in the window of the stone building before her. She sighed as reality entered her tropical paradise. She had indeed suspected something as soon as she saw and smelled the body. ” Candace said slowly, unsure of how to respond. 32 Her arms glistened with sticky moisture.

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