By Edward Cook Sir

"Targum Onkelos" is the oldest whole Jewish Aramaic translation of the "Pentateuch", and it has performed an enormous position in Jewish exegesis during the centuries. even supposing the vocabulary of "Onkelos" has been incorporated within the significant rabbinic dictionaries, there hasn't ever been a quantity committed completely to the vocabulary of "Onkelos". this thesaurus, according to the normal serious variation, contains the entire vocabulary of the targum, plus geographical names, with bibliographical references to cognates in different Aramaic dialects. it will likely be a massive support either to scholars first encountering the language of the Targum, in addition to to experts looking a radical remedy of its lexical good points.

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Thornbush Ex 3:2, 3, 4, Deut 33:16. ] gwposai, var. gwposa' n. m. ] Ex 29:2,23; Lev 2:4; 7:12; 8:26; Num 6:15,19. [Gk. v. ] fyrqsa, pl. abs. ˜w:f;yriq]sai Ex 16:31. [Gk. e0sxari/thj; MH rsa gwpøs,] n. f. ] µyfiyrIq:s]y ai, m. Hall. ] vb. ] EDWARD COOK 20 [a;, emph. a[;a; n. m. v. ] πa, suff. 3 f. sg. hp'a' n. f. nose Gen 24:47. v. πna; DJPA 69; DSA 50. ] πa' conj. v. ] dwpa, emph. ad;wpoyae n. m. v. ] ypa vb. ) Gen 19:3; Ex 12:39; 16:23; Lev 2:4; 6:10; 7:9; 23:17; 24:5; 26:26. ] ˜ypia', emph. ay:p'a' n.

F. ] wçuybi n. f. evil, harm Gen 31:52; 41:19; Deut 28:20; 29:20. ] ypea' tybe n. m. veil Ex 34:33-35. ] vdqm tyb n. m. See vdqm. v. EDWARD COOK 34 yreçmi tybe n. m. place of encampment Num 10:33; Deut 1:33. ] ˜yny[ tyb, suff. 3 m. sg. yhiwnOy[e tybe n. m. forehead Ex 28:38. ] vdq tyb, emph. aç;dqu tybe n. m. sanctuary Lev 10:18. v. ] syr tyb n. m. See syr. rwkob], emph. ar;kwbu n. m. v. ] wrwkb, emph. at;wruwkob] n. f. birthright, status of firstborn Gen 25:32. [DJPA 103; DSA 97; cf. v. ] ˜yriwkubi n.

Wsua; n. f. ad…s;y ai pillow; healing Gen 3:6. ] ylfsa, pl. abs. ˜w:l;f]sau, var. ˜w:l;f]xau, ˜w:l;f]xai n. m. ] Gen 45:22. 9 The meanings compel, attack, urge, constrain, oppress (see the lexica) are absent from TO/TJ, where the object of the verb always refers to the thing stolen. Hence some connection with Old Aramaic hns (to remove, take away) is not impossible (contra M. Sokoloff, DSD 7 [2000] 83). 10 The plural (abs. ˜yçin: a)] occurs 20+ times, translating BH µyvin :a}; however, when not influenced by the Hebrew text, TO prefers to use singular çna as a collective plural.

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