By Scott William Carter

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I'd like to let you stay awhile," he said. "But we're supposed to be closed. " Jack smiled. "We won't stay long," he said. The kid nodded. " Jack led Travis down the carpeted isle, taking a pair of seats somewhere in the middle. They had no sooner sat down when the kid shut the door, sealing them in darkness. Jack was sure that usually there were at least lights along the aisle, but the clerk had left them off. The darkness was so complete that Jack could not see his hand in front of his face, nor his son sitting next to him.

He had long since proven that anger was only a hindrance to making their way down the list. They had seen the cobalt blue waters of Crater Lake. They had flown a box-kite on the Oregon coast. They had done so much in the last few weeks, but there was still much to do. The planetarium was one more thing, and he could not let his own anger prevent him from making the clerk understand how important it was they do this. He held up a finger for the clerk to wait, then took his son around the booth to the cast-iron bench under the overhanging roof.

He was trying to think of what to say when Travis squeezed his hand. " Travis looked up at him with vacant, unseeing eyes. His sight was mostly gone now -- only a vague awareness of light and dark remained. " "Nothing. " Jack looked at the clerk, whose bland expression had not changed. "We drove over four hours to get here. " "I'm sorry, sir," the clerk said. "The equipment is broken. " Jack felt his anger rise at the nonchalance in the clerk's tone, but he suppressed it. There was no time for anger these days.

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