By Dr. John Hart

Answers on your questions on Heaven

We all need to know what occurs when we die. can we visit heaven? what is going to we do there? can we see our family?
It seems the Bible is stuffed with solutions for your most crucial questions, explaining what heaven appears like, who may be there, and the way to get there within the first position. during this booklet you can find transparent factors of those passages, providing you with a decent and lovely photo of our everlasting domestic. locate convenience and peace within the fact approximately heaven.

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He was far from the truth. We will make friends with millions of people in heaven, one by one, without the worry of conflicts or estrangements. They will become like intimate family members or best friends. There will be no issues with quirks and idiosyncrasies we’ve had on earth. No shyness, embarrassments, or fears of looking bad. No inadequate articulation, no speech inadequacies or impediments, no thoughts of being unattractive, too tall or too short, too fat or too thin. God knows all things and is infinitely creative.

But is it? Would you get on an airplane at Chicago’s O’Hare airport—most often ranked the busiest airport in the world—with that kind of risk? If there was a 99 percent chance that your plane would make it to its destination, and only a 1 percent chance it would crash and everyone on board would be killed, would you board that plane? Doesn’t that sound like a very good risk? Statistics show that over 2,400 planes go in and out of O’Hare each day. If 99 percent of those flights arrived or departed safely, and only 1 percent actually crashed, then everyone on board twenty-four flights would die each day!

112 42. What happens to those who are unable to believe in Jesus, like aborted babies, young children, or those who have a severe mental disability? 115 43. What should I do if I am afraid of death? 117 44. How can I be sure I’m going to heaven? 119 45. What is the great white throne judgment of Revelation 20? 122 46. What does the Bible call the “judgment seat of Christ”? 125 47. Will others in heaven know my secret sins on earth? 128 48. What are “heavenly crowns”? 130 49. Why will some believers rule with Christ over the new earth?

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