By Stephen J Butler

The writer, cofounder of a third-party pension management enterprise and public speaker, discusses how 401(k) plans paintings, the right way to determine the standard of a plan, and the way to revamp it to be larger. Of most likely curiosity to corporation decision-makers and lively 401(k) plan individuals.

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Contributions to the Plan Receive Favorable Tax Treatment Employees contribute to a 401(k) plan by voluntarily reducing their salaries and depositing money equal to the amount of the reduction into the plan. No federal or state taxes are paid on the money deposited. All investment earnings on these deposits accumulate on a tax-deferred basis. The advantages of 401(k) plans cannot be disputed. The value of the favorable tax treatment alone is enormous. One example demon- Page 8 strates this. To calculate the amount saved in the 401(k) plan, assume: 1.

I have a high regard and appreciation for this group's contribution to the process. Page 1 PART 1 ASSESSING AND REDESIGN: LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS: WHAT THE LAW ALLOWS YOU TO DO Part One of this book discusses the basics of the 401(k) plan that are typically dictated by tax law and pension regulations. These basics include how the plan works, how plan sponsors can contribute matching contributions to the plan, how plan participants can borrow from their plan accounts, and daily valuation of the plan's assets compared to quarterly valuation.

How Loans are Made When a participant borrows from his or her 401(k) account, some of the participant's plan account assets are liquidatedthe participant decides which investments to liquidateand the proceeds loaned to the participant. The loan becomes an asset of the participant's account, in effect, another investment that the participant has chosen. The interest paid on the loan is credited to the participant's account. The interest enjoys the same tax-deferred compounding as any other income from an investment in the plan.

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